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  •  10 Aug 2012 23:06

    Release Notes: This release includes many minor feature improvements and bugfixes. It is now possible to control conditional compilation from configure. New mkconfigure(1) directives were added. New built-in test modules have been added: objc, gcc, getpwnam_r, gethostbyname, portaudio, mysql, cocoa, sockopts, crypt, winsock, siocgifconf, and fontconfig.

    •  20 Jun 2011 13:49

      Release Notes: Various fixes were made for the NetBSD platform. Some tests were added (xinerama, clock_win32, sdl_ttf, agar_au). BSDBuild now honors ${DESTDIR} consistently. The default "make -j" behavior was fixed. The built-in tests were tweaked to work around default GCC 4.6 "-Wall". The ${LIB_MODULE} setting was added to

      •  24 Jan 2011 22:55

        Release Notes: Improved Cygnus/GNU compatibility for generated configure scripts. Many improvements were made to mkconfigure(1), such as the built-in compilation of standard "foo-config" scripts and standard tests for C/C++ includes. A concurrent build problem with has been fixed.

        •  08 Apr 2010 05:03

        Release Notes: man2wiki(1) and uman(1) utilities were added for uninstalled manual page browsing. A C_INCDIR_CONFIG() directive was implemented in mkconfigure(1). New built-in tests were added: alsa, wgl, glx, and png. Seldom-used configurations were removed from the default ${PROJFILES}: "bsd:cb-gcc", "windows:vs6", "windows:vs2002", and "windows:vs2003". The configure tests will now perform proper minimum version checking.

        •  31 Aug 2009 01:45

          Release Notes: It is no longer necessary to keep empty .depend files in source code repositories. ${CONF} support has been added to <>. Tests have been added for glob(3), syslog(2), and Berkeley DB v4. Unsafe defines in asprintf() and vasprintf() tests have been fixed.

          •  03 Jun 2009 20:49

            Release Notes: The project file generation system has been simplified, and mkprojfile now parses makefile variables in a standard way. The ${DESTDIR} variable is now recognized. ${DESTDIR} is prepended to installation targets at "make install" for the convenience of ports systems with "fake" support. FabBSD has been added to target platforms. A new configure test: gettimeofday. New tests for compiler attributes: aligned, const, deprecated, noreturn, pure, and warn_unused_result.

            •  14 Nov 2008 09:24

            Release Notes: New configure builtins were implemented: --includes, --cache, and --with-ctags. Many fixes were made to project file generation. Handling of dependencies was improved when generating Code::Blocks project files. Dependency generation with non-current builds under gmake was fixed. Many new tests were added, and various fixes were made to existing tests.

            •  09 Dec 2007 07:47

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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