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BSD Utils for Linux

BSD Utils for Linux is a quick port of some of the basic Unix commands from BSD to Linux using the original BSD makefiles. It is achieved by adding BSD make and the /usr/share/mk scripts to the source tree, called by a script named build.


Recent releases

  •  02 Nov 2000 17:58

    Release Notes: A folding-in of some already-ported sources (ksh, csh) mostly from Debian, and removal of GNU configure and GNU makefiles and replacing them with BSD-style makefiles.

    •  20 Oct 2000 17:22

      Release Notes: Replacing of the automake/autoconf tools by the original Makefile scripts, and moving the BSD "make" and the /usr/share/mk scripts into a directory called build-utils. Please note that the mk scripts need to be edited to use on your system; they're highly specific to the author's setup.

      •  16 Oct 2000 14:21

        Release Notes: This is the initial announcement.


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