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Broccoli18 PIC18F Programmer

Broccoli18 is a suite of programming tools for the PIC 18F series of microcontrollers made by Microchip. Features include ability to read and write code memory, data EEPROM, ID bytes, and configuration word. A simple circuit connecting the PIC to the PC parallel port is required.


Recent releases

  •  17 Dec 2003 05:32

    Release Notes: This release adds experimental support for serial programmers such as Ponyprog.

    •  05 Dec 2003 04:25

      Release Notes: This release adds a few requested features, such as optional tri-state and Vdd outputs, a configurable power-on delay, the ability to disable PGM, and a configurable SDATA output state when reading from the PIC. This release also includes a minor bugfix in writepic.

      •  29 Nov 2003 20:30

        Release Notes: Two new features have been added to this development branch. The power-on delay is now configurable to accommodate different capacitor charge times. Also, SDATA output state when reading input is configurable.

        •  20 Sep 2003 13:54

          Release Notes: This release adds some bugfixes that were present in 0.6 but missing from 0.7pre1.

          •  19 Sep 2003 03:55

            Release Notes: This pre-release adds optional tri-state and Vdd control outputs. Also, the PGM line can now be disabled at compile time.


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