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31 Oct 2000 09:15 brlewis

WebApp Cabaret bugfix
WebApp Cabaret has fixed a bug in their banner ad system, and I'm no longer seeing pages truncated in BRL Cabaret ( I'm still seeing "Connection Refused" messages occasionally, but this has nothing to do with BRL.

23 Oct 2000 13:53 brlewis

For those who will never try to install BRL

Obviously I'd encourage everyone to install and try out BRL, but those who won't ever do that can also try it at the BRL Cabaret (

I hesitate to mention this site because it's sometimes slow, and might give the impression that BRL is not performant. I've actually benchmarked BRL2 with IBM's JRE on Linux as faster than PHP3.

I've occasionally seen pages truncated, possibly for reasons related to the banner-ad system on webappcabaret. I've never seen pages truncated on my BRL Intranet apps with hundreds of users.

Nonetheless, if it isn't too slow at the time that you go there, BRL Cabaret ( can be a fun environment to play in, though not nearly as much fun as installing BRL on your own server.


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