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Release Notes: Considerable effort continues to go into improving the documentation, with more than 200 commands converted to Docbook XML and 4 of MGED's 16 tutorials translated into Spanish. This release adds support for bulk renaming of geometry objects, includes numerous bugfixes to processing commands that manage region identifiers, and improves triangle mesh (BoT) ray tracing.

  •  22 Jun 2008 19:24

Release Notes: This release contains numerous enhancements to MGED's mirror command, now with the ability to mirror an object across arbitrary vectors or points along a standard axis. Additionally, nirt now has a new "gap" option for reporting the empty spaces between objects. There is a new tool for procedurally creating vehicle tires with given specifications, resulting in impressively realistic tires. Also included are a variety of other bugfixes to mged, rt, and rtedge.

  •  07 May 2008 00:02

Release Notes: This release has a few minor updates, bug fixes, and tweaks. It includes useful enhancements to RT, RTAREA, and MGED's "clone" and "saveview" commands, among other enhancements. An infinite loop bug in the "clone" command was fixed. A new -k cutaway view option was added to RT. The "saveview" command provides means to override output and invocation. You can now create/import binary objects from within MGED. RTAREA sports a new -u units option.

  •  19 Aug 2007 08:19

Release Notes: This release now supports an unlimited number of shadow rays during ray-tracing, improved documentation for several tools, many mged command enhancements, several bugfixes to mged and other tools, automatic crash report generation in mged, a new NSIS-based Windows installer, and new pkg-config build configuration scripts. Also included with the BRL-CAD Benchmark Suite is automatic logging of build results and clean-up commands for removing generated benchmark content.

  •  05 Jul 2006 11:09

Release Notes: This release has several notable enhancements, including the addition of a new example geometry model of a toy vehicle. The DXF converter received considerable attention with the addition of support for most of the formerly unsupported 2D entities. Several bugs were identified and fixed in mged, g2asc, g_diff, and asc-nmg. Documentation was improved for dbupgrade and dxf-g, and a new g-var tool was created to facilitate conversion of models for purposes directly related to OpenGL display lists. Finally, the new archer modeling tool received support for multi-select and cut-n-paste.

  •  13 Jun 2006 07:41

Release Notes: Continuing with the newly added point collection and reverse modeling techniques provide in the previous release, this release improves upon that support by fixing several issues and refining the modeling techniques. Additionally, this release now accounts for the majority of known contributors to BRL-CAD over the project's existence. This release includes several mged enhancements and bugfixes as well as improved bezier support.

  •  22 Jan 2006 01:45

Release Notes: This release added a new geometry creation interface to mged, which supports reverse modeling geometry of existing objects. New geometry creation commands read point data sets in a simple text file format, recognizing categories and collections of points. Using point acquisition devices such as X-Station Vulcan advanced surveying systems, points may be collected and used to generate geometry models. Collection techniques are recognized for polygonal plates, cylinders, spheres, point clouds, and more.

  •  13 May 2005 01:16

Release Notes: The benchmark suite will now iteratively increase the number of rays being shot, providing a more stable ray-trace figure of merit (rtfm) and allowing the benchmark tests to scale to increasingly higher-performance machines without requiring intervention. In addition to several bugs that were fixed, BRL-CAD also now throttles CPU usage on lingering OpenGL framebuffers, imports uniform binary objects from partial file data, writes out DEF names for shapes exported with g-vrml, and logs ray details and solid names if the root solver fails to converge.

  •  03 Apr 2005 17:19

Release Notes: An rtedge/rtwizard background render failure bug has been fixed. An rttherm previous results interference bug has been fixed. An aborted benchmark summary bug has been fixed. The irprep 'display' tool has been renamed to 'showtherm'. An XInputExtension warning on mged startup has been quelled. The object name is output when the root solver fails to converge. Non-square window mged illumination selection has been fixed.


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