Version 7.16.6 of BRL-CAD

Release Notes: Considerable effort continues to go into improving the documentation, with more than 200 commands converted to Docbook XML and 4 of MGED's 16 tutorials translated into Spanish. This release adds support for bulk renaming of geometry objects, includes numerous bugfixes to processing commands that manage region identifiers, and improves triangle mesh (BoT) ray tracing.

Other releases

Release Notes: This is the alpha release unveiling of Archer/MGED, a preliminary interface update to BRL-CAD's graphical geometry editor. Some highlights include an integrated graphical tree view, a single window framework, drag-and-drop geometry editing, information panels, shortcut buttons, improved polygonal mesh and 2D sketch editing, a level of detail wireframes, and NURBS shaded display support.

Release Notes: This is a substantial introduction of a new development line encompassing more changes than any prior version since BRL-CAD became free open source software. It has robust solid NURBS ray tracing, fixes everything reported by Coverity, updates several geometry converters, has work on a new physics simulation system, makes several improvements to BRL-CAD's extensive documentation resources, and provides a vastly improved installer for Mac OS X.

Release Notes: This release provides several dozen major feature enhancements and fixes. Support for NURBS continues to improve with better STEP import, ray tracing fixes, better wireframes, and numerous robustness improvements. MGED/Archer continues to approach alpha status with support added for interactive pipe editing, improved visualization, new mesh healing capabilities, and more. After many months of effort, the OBJ importer receives a comprehensive overhaul improving polygonal mesh import. There is a new exporter to the DOT format used by Graphviz for graphic visualization of geometry hierarchies.

Release Notes: This release marks the introduction of a new CMake-based build system. Improvements continue on geometry conversion and tessellation to polygonal formats. Progress was made merging MGED and Archer for an upcoming combined alpha with numerous command improvements, bug fixes, and interface enhancements. Experimental enhancements to BRL-CAD's rending system are also under development in support of programmable shaders.

  •  12 Apr 2011 21:33

Release Notes: This release includes numerous bugfixes and feature enhancements to MGED, geometry converters, image processing tools, and more. This release includes the initial (yet phenomenally impressive) integration of the high-performance Triangle Intersection Engine (TIE) with BRL-CAD's LIBRT raytrace library. There is a new geometry importer for Shapefile data, and the revolve primitive receives support for transformation matrix editing.


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A live Linux CD graphical Arch installer.


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