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Brasero (formerly known as Bonfire) is a application to burn CDs and DVDs for the GNOME desktop. It is designed to be as simple as possible, and has some unique features to enable users to create their discs easily and quickly.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Jul 2008 22:45

    Release Notes: The brasero.desktop file now follows the freedesktop standard. CD/DVD drives can now be found properly on Solaris. A build failure against the GTK+ trunk was fixed. Brasero no longer crashes with the libburn backend. Files from FAT32 partitions can now be added correctly. Failure to display drive speed was fixed. The toc image type is now autodetected correctly.

    •  04 Jul 2008 17:34

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  02 Jun 2008 02:59

        Release Notes: This release has a normalization plugin, a cover editor, support for DL DVDs, automatic GStreamer plugin installation for distributions that support it, new help documentation, no more medium ejection before disc integrity checks, and a new notification system. It updates most backends to their full capabilities, and updates libburn/libisofs plugins to use the latest releases. Mass file renaming/multiple audio track information editing. Fixes to comply with HIG. Some GUI improvements. Rewriting of the Data project tree. Support for FreeBSD. Many bugfixes.

        •  28 Jan 2008 07:58

          Release Notes: The "About" dialog now uses "name" instead of "program-name" for GTK versions later than 2.11.6. Brasero no longer fails when burning a file larger than 4GB. The --build-* options of the configure script now work. Brasero now allows an ISO image to be made even when there is no blank media in the drive. The inotify kernel service is now used. x-content/* is supported. The version is automatically set in X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version. Brasero is now able to load a playlist in an audio project.

          •  26 Dec 2007 18:32

            Release Notes: Migrated to the GtkTooltip API. This release requires Gtk+ 2.11.6 or higher. A new plugin system for burning backends. An Inhibit/Uninhibit system with Gnome Power Manager via DBUS. Support for libburn 0.4.0. Support for libbeagle 0.3.x. Split audio tracks. An improved look to comply with HIG. The preview widget has been improved. Better handling of md5sums on files. SCSI library bugs have been fixed, and pre-MMC2 drives are supported. An option to choose the number of media to burn. A configuration option for temporary files. A button to configure audio levels. Improved dummy mode.


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