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Box is a framework to build complex applications with simple repetitive tasks assimilated to a "black box". It is highly inspired by signal processing processes applied to the Web. It will replace any MVC or 3 layer patterns that are unaware of real Web programming needs. It natively includes high parametrization, languages, and templates for each task in the framework.

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  •  25 May 2012 21:41

Release Notes: A new example has been added using the same boxes as the first example to show reusability of code. The DomCore has been upgraded due to a template bug.

Release Notes: An error in engineBox with reading descriptors was fixed. parameterBox was modified to use parameter input. The examples have been updated with a Bootstrap-like design and are now more responsive.

  •  28 Mar 2012 00:44

Release Notes: A new box parameterBox has been implemented to read get/post/cookies and static parameters to inject in the boxflow. XML and parameters examples have been added.

  •  22 Mar 2012 14:27

Release Notes: A netherland (Dutch) translation has been added, and the box messages modified to use WAMessage.

  •  05 Mar 2012 00:39

Release Notes: Box.lib has been modified to load template files and language files, and also supports TemplateSource and LanguageSource as inputs. engineBox.lib has been modified to read an XML file as a flow definition.

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04 Mar 2012 18:25 Avatar metalwolf69

The installation manual is now available on the documentation link.


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