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Given an mbox file of messages, bounce will bounce them all to a given address. This means resending them, keeping the headers as similar as possible. This could be used for adding messages to a mailing list archive.

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  •  26 Aug 2003 07:52

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    04 Sep 2003 03:43 ed_avis

    Re: Memory hog
    Of course, you can split the mbox file into smaller parts and process each separately.

    03 Sep 2003 13:40 mcrbids

    Memory hog
    It seems to load all the mbox contents into RAM before processing. This means that (for example) in my case, with an 800 MB mbox file, and 1 GB of RAM, that I cannot use this program without it slowing my system to a crawl within seconds.

    Very useful, however, for smaller jobs!


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