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  •  03 Mar 2013 02:54

Release Notes: A previously conditional operation in Montgomery multiplication and squaring is now always performed, removing a possible timing channel. A potential crash in the AES-NI implementation of the AES-192 key schedule (caused by misaligned loads) has been fixed. The correct flags for creating a shared library on OS X under Clang are now used, and a compile time incompatibility with Visual C++ 2012 has been fixed.

  •  11 Jul 2011 21:05

Release Notes: This release fixes a race condition that could cause memory corruption in multithreaded applications.

  •  20 Jun 2011 20:33

Release Notes: This release adds SSL/TLS (both client and server mode, up to TLS v1.1), the GOST 34.10-2001 signature scheme, the Keccak hash function, the XSalsa20 stream cipher, bcrypt password hashing, AES key wrapping, dynamically loaded engines, and a number of other features. New optimizations for AES, Serpent, ECDH, ECDSA, and SHA-2 are also included.

  •  02 Nov 2010 21:43

Release Notes: Several bugs related to encoding and decoding X.509 CRLs were fixed. Compilation using Sun Studio was fixed. Under Visual C++, when configuring a debug build, the debug runtime will now be used.

  •  31 Aug 2010 21:47

Release Notes: This release makes a slight change to how AES is implemented, which makes some forms of cache analysis attacks significantly harder. The default algorithm used for encrypting private keys has changed from 3DES to AES-256, and the default iteration count used for hashing passwords to keys has increased from 2048 to 10000 iterations. Some changes for compatibility with the 1.9 development releases were also made.

  •  16 Jun 2010 22:12

Release Notes: Possible timing channels in OAEP decoding and in the IDEA block cipher were resolved. Three new functions for encoding public and private keys were added that may be more convenient than the existing ones in some common cases. On Windows, a DLL is built by default, and support for packaging the library using InnoSetup was added. A bug in the FIPS 186 kosherizer that prevented creating 512 or 768 bit DSA groups was fixed.

  •  03 Nov 2009 21:17

Release Notes: This release modifies the Skein-512 hash function to use the updated 1.2 specification. A bug preventing the use of the x86 bswap function was fixed. It is now possible to build the library without AES included.

  •  11 Sep 2009 17:34

Release Notes: A bug in processing multiple XTS messages in a single filter has been fixed. A new option --no-autoload is available in, which allows for creating very minimal builds for specialized applications.

  •  13 Jul 2009 15:31

Release Notes: The previous release contained a bug in the Miller-Rabin primality test that caused it to fail in most circumstances. This release fixes that problem.

  •  11 Jul 2009 19:29

Release Notes: Implementations of the Skein-512 hash function and the IEEE P1619 block cipher mode XTS have been added. Problems with entropy polling encountered with 1.8.2 should now be fixed. A new configuration system written in Python is included; the previous version, written in Perl, is still included but is now deprecated. Some bugs preventing random_prime from generating primes smaller than 7 bits in length are now fixed.


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