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Bork is a very small, cross-platform file encryption utility using a password-based RC4 algorithm. It is designed to be included in source code form along with the files it encrypts for long-term storage (eg on CD-R). Its minimal external dependencies are designed to make it fairly futureproof.

Operating Systems

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  •  26 May 2007 22:13

Release Notes: This release fixes a minor bug and adds a few small enhancements.

  •  03 Feb 2006 18:17

Release Notes: This release rolls up a number of minor bugfixes and adds a few minor features. It is forward and backward compatible with previous releases.

  •  19 Dec 2004 00:03

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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30 May 2007 06:14 scramjet

Re: rcwhat?

> RC4 is kinda weak, is not it?

RC4 is indeed not the best cipher you can use today. It is

however good for Bork because it's so very simple and

would be very easy to re-implement if needed. And, if you

avoid the known flaws in RC4 -- which WEP didn't and WPA1

(and Bork, I believe) do, it's still regarded as an OK cipher,

if not actually recommended.

Bork doesn't aim to be able to resist the best efforts of the

NSA, just to be good enough to protect your stuff and have a

very good chance of working in 10 year's time.

That said, I'd be open to the idea of using more advanced

block ciphers like AES wrapped in stream mode at some

point in the future.

30 May 2007 04:22 Avatar jengelh

RC4 is kinda weak, is not it?


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