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Bootstrap DateTime Picker

Bootstrap DateTime Picker is a picker which supports both date and time picking in a Twitter bootstrap context. It supports both Bootstrap v2 and Bootstrap v3.

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Last announcement

Vitalets reference in datetime section 13 Oct 2013 13:19

X-editable : In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery

Recent releases

  •  12 Oct 2013 16:20

    Release Notes: This release supports both Bootstrap v2 and v3.

    •  27 Feb 2013 08:55

      Release Notes: A patch to fix an issue on viewSelect, which took inverted logic.

      •  25 Feb 2013 09:25

        Release Notes: The release introduce meridian support (AM/PM). Both selection screens (day and hour) and input field has been updated to support this functionality. To use it, just activate the "showMeridian" flag and update the date format. This release lets you choose the selection of the view from which the input field is updated. By default, it's the last one, but you can specify it with the "viewSelect" property.

        •  10 Feb 2013 16:07

          Release Notes: One bug has been fixed concerning the start date. An optimization has been added to prevent to many events from being triggered on a 'hide' call. The JavaScript file is now available in the minified release (yui compressor).

          •  31 Jan 2013 19:51

            Release Notes: This release fix a timezone bug. This bug generated an incorrect month view where many days were missing.


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