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30 Jan 2002 16:45 toolshed

Error messages
Great program but I have a problem: I'd like to actually be able to read the error messages when logins fail and what not--but the program immediately quits and clears the screen when there's a problem.

Perhaps pause on error, prompting for a key? Just a suggestion...

21 Dec 2001 02:20 astrobdw

Re: Great program, really serves a purpose well for me.
Argh, correction: I send the From: and Subject headers plus the top of the body to my phone. Duh. ;)

21 Dec 2001 02:19 astrobdw

Great program, really serves a purpose well for me.
I just wanted to let you know that Bonim really ended up helping me out practically: I just got a new cell phone that came w/ AIM for SMS service (I didn't care, I needed the voice line more than anything). I really wished I had been able to get an e-mail capable phone affordably, but it's just not there yet.

At any rate, turns out the AIM service is *free*. So, I immediately went about figuring out how to get the e-mail from my professional account (I have the luxury of running my own mail server) to forward the To: and Subject: headers as well as the first 2-3 lines of the body of the message forwarded to my new AOL screen name via AIM.

Well, long story at least shorter, after futzing around for a couple of hours, I have a procmail recipe, a perl script, and your program working well together to notify me of new email for free on my phone. I read the subject and first sentence or two, know who its from, and can immediately call them if it's important. I get a significant volume of legitimate e-mail, but below the threshold where the AOL servers refuse my connection (though that certainly happened during testing!).

Great program, good work. A couple of hopefully constructive comments: You might want to work on the command line interface and its handling of message text. Perl's quotemeta() function works fine, but I didn't even think of using it for a while, as I was trying to pass the whole lump of a message as a quoted (and appropriately but manually escaped) string. Also, just a little more hinting in the docs about how to use the gui - took me a while to figure out how to select a buddy to message. Uh, more than a little while.

Summary: Great work, and I hope you keep updates coming. Really does a real-world favor for me and I hope that that means something to you.


16 Nov 2001 01:14 caniffe

Great program; have been looking for a (decent) Linux Console AIM program for a while now. Bonim kind of fell into my lap earlier this week, and I'm sold.

The only problem I've encountered thus far with 1.0.0 and 1.0.2 (which I've spoken to David about, and it will be fixed in the next release) is with apparrent string corruption when creating a new profile (the -c tag). In client.cpp, simply delete the following lines:

Line 1065: char logdir[256];
Line 1218: mkdir(logdir, 0755);

and create a "logs" directory under your profiles.


Great program though; works like a charm.

08 Aug 2001 22:40 evoltech

Bonim rocks the console
I boo everytime I am in a movie and I see aol/timewarner. However many of my friends do not feel as strongly as I do. Chating over aol on a linux console makes things ok for me.


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