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  •  05 Apr 2011 13:28

    Release Notes: Plenty of new features and bug fixes were added

    •  13 Oct 2010 14:36

    Release Notes: An architectural change was done to make the pool faster. Bugs were fixed. A bunch of new features were added.

    •  27 Jul 2010 17:58

    Release Notes: This is mostly a maintenance release. Fixes were made for idleMaxAge/idleConnectionTester, multiple nodes in XML configuration, and an NPE on getConnection timeout. Batch statements are logged properly. The onAcquireFail hook was enhanced, and a tiny bug was fixed in the process. A driver properties option was added. The connection is no longer closed off when shutting down. A bug in the close connection watch debug tool was fixed. All release helpers are terminated when shutting down.

    •  28 Jun 2010 12:58

    Release Notes: A driver properties option was added. XML-based configuration support was added. onAcquireFail was enhanced. A connection timeout configuration option was added. Full JDK5 compatibility was added. Internal statements are exposed. The onConnectionException hook was added. Disabling connection tracking is now allowed. Batch statements are now logged properly. A lazy init race was fixed. A potential race is now avoided. Statics were removed from finalizers. A potential bug in adding a new connection was fixed. There are now 125 unit tests, which provide 100% unit test coverage.

    •  05 Jun 2010 00:51

      Release Notes: This release adds an onConnectionException hook to allow custom action when a connection fails. It exposes internal statements, allows for getConnection timeouts, and allows code to be built with JDK5. It removes the log4j dependency from pom, silences a warning, and makes config.toString() report timeouts in minutes. A potential race condition in PoolWatch is avoided. Static has been removed from finalizer to allow for multiple create/destroy pool cycles. A startup hang on single processor where lazyInit = true has been fixed. There are 121 unit tests and 100% test coverage.

      •  20 Apr 2010 15:50

      Release Notes: The main feature is the automatic replay of a transaction whereby all activity on a transaction (from BEGIN TRANSACTION to COMMIT/ROLLBACK) is saved. Should a recoverable exception occur, for example if the database fails or the network goes down, the pool will automatically play back all of the transaction, letting your application recover gracefully and automatically. There are 104 unit tests, with 100% test coverage.

      •  02 Mar 2010 00:55

      Release Notes: This release adds a lazyInit feature to start connection pools lazily. It adds DynamicDataSourceProxy to allow for seamless switching of a data source at runtime. It performs a test connection early in the startup to fail gracefully. It will issue warnings to an app if the user doesn't release a statement. Several bugfixes (don't lose exceptions when showing errors, and don't attempt to close a statement twice) and some more cleanups. Revamped (faster) statement caching. Documentation fixes. Fixes for statement/memory leaks.

      •  28 Dec 2009 16:43

        Release Notes: The ability to obtain a connection asynchronously was added. Connection callback hook capability was added. The ability to send a custom statement upon first obtaining a connection from the database was added. getRawConnection() was exposed to allow direct access to the underlying connection. releaseConnection() was hidden, and connection.close() should be used instead. The hibernate provider class was moved to a sub-package. The benchmark app was reworked to plot result graphs directly.

        •  22 Dec 2009 18:01

          Release Notes: This release rolls up all minor bugfixes and includes a fix for keeping proper track of connection counters when the database connection goes down.

          •  08 Dec 2009 18:41

            Release Notes: This release will properly clean up statements when the connection is properly closed. It has cleaning up to prepare for the new architecture.


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