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Bombono DVD

Bombono DVD is easy to use program for making DVD video discs. This program allows you to get video on optical discs without knowing many technical details. It provides the full authoring sequence: making chapters while browsing videos, custom menu creation, authoring, and optionally burning on DVD. Also, it features the interesting feature of re-authoring, which allows one to get video back from DVDs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Nov 2011 16:43

    Release Notes: Bombono DVD can now fully utilize multi-core CPUs. It can spawn transcoding jobs in parallel and/or use the -threads the option of ffmpeg rationally. Depending on your CPU, it can greatly reduce the time to make a DVD. This release also features Web browser integration for getting getting menu backgrounds, better 16:9 DVD support, much community contribution, several improvements to the menu editor (arrows and other icons can be used in menus), calculation of the time left for authoring, Copy, Paste, and Cut for menu items, a Copy Menu function, and localization updates.

    •  04 Jan 2011 23:47

      Release Notes: Bombono DVD can now handle all video formats, thanks to FFmpeg. Transcoding is to be done when required; to adjust transcoding options (such as bitrate or dimensions), you can right-click with the mouse at the video in Media List and choose Bitrate Calculator. Subtitle support was also added.

      •  06 Nov 2010 17:46

        Release Notes: Motion menus were implemented. The "Play All" type of linking was added. Size and position of the application are restored on startup. Subpicture colors for menus can be adjusted now. New frames (buttons) were added.

        •  12 Apr 2010 17:22

          Release Notes: Translations: Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Danish, and Russian. 16:9 menus. Poster Link. A 'Safe Area' frame. Multiple items alignment in the editor. Automatic chaptering. A mux feature with mplex: "Project->Mux". The ability to play the current position from Timeline in Totem.A 'Post Action' feature for video. User frames (buttons). Program preferences.

          •  24 Oct 2009 15:29

            Release Notes: An error message of "File is not open" was fix for the case of files that are read only or larger than 2GB. 352x240 and 352x288 MPEG-2 videos are now accepted. The close button was fixed in the About dialog. The error message box about rejected files is no longer too big.


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