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Release Notes: The Berkeley DB mode now uses transactions for robustness with automatic crash detection and recovery, has extended documentation (README.db), and supports Berkeley DB 4.3. QDBM mode now uses B+trees for speed. A converter is included. The default mode is now ternary (Ham/Spam/Unsure) rather than the previous binary mode (Yes/No). The release documentation was consolidated into the NEWS and RELEASE.NOTES documents. Bogotune's -D mode was repaired and a MIME parser bug was fixed.

Release Notes: The most important changes since the last stable release are support for TrivialDB (tdb) as a BerkeleyDB alternative and support for combined wordlists. A number of other fixes, improvements, and revisions have also been made.

Release Notes: A bulk mode has been added. Bogofilter can now take HTML tags into account. The parser has been enhanced. The documentation has been enhanced, tuning is described, and a French translation of the FAQ has been added. Autoconfiguration of BerkeleyDB has been improved. MacOS X and Solaris portability fixes have been made.

Release Notes: This release has fixes for long-standing locking bugs that caused database corruption, and compatibility fixes for AIX, bash-1/ash-0.2, and gcc-2.7. It will now decode MIME parts (base64, quoted-printable, and x-uuencode), ignores attachments such as images or programs, allows for customized headers to output, can log to syslog, and is case insensitive. It datestamps tokens in the database and has database maintainance functions. There are assorted minor features and fixes.

Release Notes: Support for Fisher's method of combining probabilities was added, use '-f' to choose it. Reading the configuration file can be controlled with the '-c file' and '-C' switches. Registering big mbox files was sped up. More tests were added, checking against reference results to make sure everything works correctly. Many bugs were fixed, among them portability fixes. Internal changes were also made.

Release Notes: The pass through mode was fixed for transparency and proper header/body delimiter detection. Portability, build, and minor other fixes were made. Configuration files are now supported. The Robinson algorithm is implemented. There is a new bogolexer program. bogoutil and bogofilter have new command line options. BerkeleyDB 4.1 is now supported. The documentation was updated.


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A media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks.


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A library for DWARF debug information reading/writing.