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  •  09 Apr 2004 13:47

Release Notes: The old compatibility code that had crept into bogofilter over its first 18 months of existence was deprecated in the 0.16.x release series and is now gone.

  •  25 Mar 2004 05:59

Release Notes: Bogus config file warnings from bogolexer were fixed. The lexer rules were merged to save a few bytes, and additional portability fixes were made. Two config options, "thresh_stats" and "thresh_rtable", have been deprecated.

  •  12 Jan 2004 17:49

Release Notes: An Alpha machine SIGFPE termination was fixed on GCC-based platforms. (Only GCC is currently supported on Alpha.) Two compiler warnings were fixed. files are now compatible with autoconf 2.54+ and automake 1.7+.

  •  06 Jan 2004 22:42

Release Notes: This version features portability changes in that it removes a blank line in Makefiles that confused some non-GNU make tools. It uses setvbuf with buffer size, and since not all systems support 0 for _IOLBF size, it now uses BUFSIZ. The binary RPM is now linked statically against GSL, fixing "undefined symbol: gsl_cdf_chisq_Q" errors on systems running libgsl < 1.4.

  •  31 Dec 2003 20:22

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  22 Oct 2003 10:45

Release Notes: This release supports mailboxes in ANT format and MH maildirs, can use QDBM as a database backend, and will use GSL (the GNU Scientific Library) if it is available. A port to RISC-OS has been added, and many bugfixes and updates have been made.

Release Notes: The most important changes since the last stable release are support for TrivialDB (tdb) as a BerkeleyDB alternative and support for combined wordlists. A number of other fixes, improvements, and revisions have also been made.

  •  04 Jul 2003 19:03

Release Notes: The "current" branch version has been promoted to the "stable" branch. It fixes an unterminated loop that caused a hang with 100% CPU load on specific email messages.

Release Notes: A bulk mode has been added. Bogofilter can now take HTML tags into account. The parser has been enhanced. The documentation has been enhanced, tuning is described, and a French translation of the FAQ has been added. Autoconfiguration of BerkeleyDB has been improved. MacOS X and Solaris portability fixes have been made.

Release Notes: A variety of defects (mostly minor) have been corrected. Some new options have been added. This release builds and works on a wider variety of platforms: OS/2, AIX, and OS X in particular. There are additional scripts in the config directory and additional configuration files for maildrop and procmail. The documentation has been corrected, updated, and expanded.


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