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Version 2.0.2 of BlueJ

Release Notes: This update fixes a small number of recently discovered bugs. They include the display of stack traces, use of the alt/option key on Mac OS, and the addition of memory-based VM communication protocol (VM startup without TCP/IP).

Other releases

  •  06 Oct 2010 15:46

Release Notes: Various small bugs were fixed.

  •  30 May 2010 12:42

    Release Notes: This version include many significant feature additions and bug fixes. New features include a greatly improved editor with code completion, scope highlighting, improved navigation, and many other improvements.

    •  07 Oct 2008 17:55

      Release Notes: This version contains many improvements, including support for Java ME development, support for Subversion repositories for team work, greatly improved unit test recording, and many bugfixes.

      •  17 Dec 2007 09:39

      Release Notes: This version adds a number of minor feature improvements and bugfixes, including better handling of breakpoints, improved configuration options, and improved support for MacOS 10.5 (Leopard).

      •  06 Jul 2007 10:32

      Release Notes: Feature additions, most notably explicit support for group work, and numerous bugfixes.


      Project Spotlight


      A GUI frontend for the efax fax program.


      Project Spotlight


      A tool that counts the number of integer points in parametric polytopes.