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20 Nov 2001 19:01 jeffcondon

how does it work
BlueDrekar includes the following:
Three loadable modules: btstack.o, sdp.o, and rfcomm.o, including support for layers from the Host Controller Interface (HCI) to RFCOMM and the Service Discovery Protocol (SDP) layer
Manual pages and an open application programming interface (API)
The executable of the bdd daemon, which is used to provide support for SDP
Makefiles, documentation files, and sample programs that implement various Bluetooth profiles. These files may be used to help write applications.

BlueDrekar can be used with various HCI transport layers. IBM's reference implementation of the HCI UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) transport driver can be downloaded at IBM's developerWorks site under GNU public license.

20 Nov 2001 18:59 jeffcondon

Support for new versions of the Standard, the Linux Kernel, and more.

12 Apr 2001 14:44 decaym

More info on Bluetooth under Linux
More information on Bluetooth under Linux is available ( at my site. This includes links to developer resources, hardware, and books.


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