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  •  09 Jul 2013 07:53

Release Notes: Many bugfixes were backported from the 2.0 branch.

  •  28 Jun 2013 22:15

Release Notes: This version fixes some annoying bugs on event notification loops and upgraders. It fixes many minor things and adds some features (one user global restore, mailshare sharing handling by users, etc.)

  •  21 Jun 2013 10:58

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the update process which could affect mailshares. It improves scheduled jobs with the ability to send the log by email, improves signature handling, and fixes and improves some minor things.

  •  18 Jun 2013 22:30

Release Notes: This release adds Debian 7 Wheezy support, adds a new WYSIWYG editor with image handling for signatures, fixes some nasty Thunderbird sync problems, implements two restore scenarios for user mailboxes and mailshares, and fixes and improves many things in every module.

  •  01 Jun 2013 08:28

Release Notes: This release fixed some triggers on fresh Debian installs, offers the full backup API and allows a backup host to be set, enhanced the LDAP import plugin, fixed an AD sync memory leak, improved LMTP caching, allows imported ICS to be up to 10 MB in size, fixed some Mac browser compliance problems, fixed sharing of address books with a group, fixed click-to-call with some phone number formats, and fixed other things in the Thunderbird add-on, init scripts, and many modules.

  •  16 May 2013 22:24

Release Notes: This is the first 2.0 stable release. It brings numerous major features, including a new webmail UI, native integration of the Blue Mind Calendar as a Thunderbird tab, native support of High Availability with graphical installation, incremental and versioning backups, hierarchical storage management, domain calendars and addressbooks, advanced identities management with identities on shared mailboxes, domain and shared mailboxes SIEVE filters, and improved Web storage (local, session, indexedb, and websql) support with automatic selection. The Spanish and Slovak languages have been added.

  •  29 Apr 2013 21:38

Release Notes: This maintenance release brings many small fixes in the calendar, ICS import, mobile synchronization, and LDAP attributes handling, adds attachment previews in webmail, and makes some performance improvement in the webmail and calendar apps.

  •  20 Mar 2013 22:15

Release Notes: This release fixes many small things at the system level (including LDAP, jobs update process, and HornetQ on Debian), and fixes and improves many small points in the Calendar, mobile handling, and Outlook connector.

  •  12 Feb 2013 02:47

Release Notes: This maintenance release brings many performance improvements on the webmail side, with removal of useless queries and use of a full text engine for autocompletes, and on the AD/LDAP sync. It fixes many bugs related to relay handling, event alert jobs, packaging, invalid email filters, and the Thunderbird connector, and it fixes the nasty FireFox crash with webmail and Appcache.

  •  17 Jan 2013 22:01

Release Notes: This release brings some fixes on the ActiveDirectory sync (referrals, recursive groups handling, etc.), improves the LDAP sync, and fixes bugs in global ACL handling, the mail shares management screen, and other Firefox crashes cases with RC. It fixes autocomplete from Thunderbird, and improves autocomplete performance on systems with a great number of groups.


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