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  •  01 Jul 2006 23:43

Release Notes: Support for Lite was added for the BLOG:CMS WYSIWYG XHTML 1.1 editor. (the WYSIWYG editor) was updated to release 2.3. Dokuwiki was updated to the latest release (2006-03-09b).

  •  17 Sep 2005 11:47

Release Notes: This version brings better integration of Weblog, Forum, Gallery, and Wiki engine components. Other new features include the latest version of FCKEditor, new plugin events, and improved CSS styles.

Release Notes: This release adds support for MySQL 4.0 (mysql), MySQL 4.1 (mysqli), and SQLite (PHP5). An integrated Dokuwiki engine was added. Singapore Photo Gallery, PunBB Forum, Atom and RSS readers and aggregators, an "About me/Contact" section, two WYSIWYG editors, and new support for sub-categories were added.

Release Notes: Support for MySQL 4.0 (mysql), MySQL 4.1 (mysqli), and SQLite (bundled with PHP 5.0) were added. PunBB Forum was fully integrated. The NP_PunBB plugin was improved to allow the hosting of discussions for articles in a forum and to share users between BLOG:CMS and a forum. New SEO URLs are used, which do not use mod_rewrite or FilesMatch, and work with any HTTP server. Singapore Photo Gallery was fully integrated. The stylesheets (CSS files) are common to BLOG:CMS, PunBB Forum, and Singapore Photo Gallery, for easy maintenance and modification. The NP_PostMan plugin was added for posting weblog entries by email or MMS.

  •  14 Aug 2004 11:54

Release Notes: Complete application/xhtml+xml compatibility was implemented. Data from WordPress, Movable Type, EasyBlog, and NucleusCMS can now be converted.

  •  29 Jul 2004 13:37

Release Notes: This release comes with a completely new admin Interface, full support for application/xhtml+xml for both the back and front-end, enhanced comment preview, spam control and moderations, and other major features.


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