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Release Notes: Two problems with lease renewal (both triggered by use with the Norm service) were fixed.

Release Notes: Memory footprint was reduced and the concurrent logger was marked stable. A new experimental logger was introduced, which should provide improved performance under high concurrent load. A serious bug in the indexing that could cause loss of entries and another in the lease tracker that could cause writes to fail were fixed. Db/Java was upgraded to 1.4.10.

Release Notes: Several bugs in the lease and lease map implementation were fixed. The ServiceLocator was updated to support timeouts. Tools were updated to support lookup timeouts. The debug server was updated to close its access socket correctly.

Release Notes: This version is implemented on top of Sleepycat DB Java Edition, allowing it to run on most Java platforms with minimal package dependencies. No external database or native libraries are required.


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Java Print Dialog Framework

A comprehensive printing solution for Java applications.


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A load balancer for TCP.