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  •  12 Mar 2009 17:37

Release Notes: A new ini variable "blitz.check_recursion" was added. Use this setting to disable internal recursion check for recursive includes (for example, when building a hierarchical comment tree using a template that includes itself). A segfault in nested includes with user-defined functions was fixed (in some cases, there could be a double free of method result at shutdown stage).

  •  13 May 2008 05:31

Release Notes: The ini-variable blitz.remove_spaces_around_context_tags was added. If set, it removes extra whitespace around standalone context tags. It is not set by default.

  •  30 Jul 2007 06:07

Release Notes: Repeated includes from a template will skip the parsing stage and use the internal template cache (in previous versions this cache worked for the controller include method only). The "Context" method was slightly changed: now it returns the previous context path. The getContext/get_context method was added for the same purpose. Additional minor fixes were made, most of them related to Win32 and multi-threaded issues. Some tests were updated and new tests were added.

  •  12 Jul 2007 06:46

Release Notes: Block method semantics were extended: one can use block($data) instead of block(NULL,$data) to iterate over the current context. The set method now accepts arrays with numerical keys to set several root iterations simultaneously. Basic template examples were added to php_info(). A couple of new tests were added.

  •  03 Jul 2007 14:40

Release Notes: New API methods getIterations/get_iterations and getGlobals/get_globals were added to get assigned template variables. The method alias setGlobals/set_globals for setGlobal/set_global was added to improve naming style (setGlobal/set_global still works). A bug in getStruct was fixed: nodes with errors are not returned. Alternative tags "<!--" and "-->" were extended by an additional whitespace: new values are "<!-- " and " -->" (please convert your templates if you were using something like "<!--BEGIN context-->").

  •  27 Apr 2007 16:22

Release Notes: The documentation was updated. There is a minor php_templates compatibility fix: function calls without brackets are treated as variables with the same name by default.

  •  25 Mar 2007 05:31

Release Notes: A new output wrapper "date" was added, will return a string formatted according to the given format string. When the argument is numerical, it is treated as a UNIX timestamp integer. Otherwise, it is parsed using the internal PHP function "php_parse_date", which recognizes a lot of date formats. The format string has the same conversion specifiers as the PHP function "strftime". The "escape" output wrapper was extended, so it will use ENT_QUOTES quoting style by default, but will use ENT_COMPAT if "ENT_COMPAT" is passed as a second parameter.

  •  25 Feb 2007 23:33

Release Notes: An internal output wrapper was added: escape. {{ escape($a); }}, works exactly like <? echo htmlspecialchars($a, ENT_QUOTES); ?>. Minor fixes were made for tests and documentation.


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