Version 0.4.9 of Blitz templates for PHP

Release Notes: Minor parsing bugfixes were made.

Other releases

  •  18 Jun 2012 21:45

    Release Notes: This release fixes a parsing error with comments enabled and long custom comment tags.

    •  04 Jun 2012 21:03

      Release Notes: A parsing error was fixed (an incorrect code fragment broke the next correct one). Array-to-string conversion for variables doesn't add "Array" string to the output and shows a human-readable warning. After several weeks of testing 0.7.2+patches in production, it was named 0.8.1 and marked stable.

      •  21 May 2012 21:14

        Release Notes: A critical parsing error was fixed: occasionally tags with useless spaces inside could be skipped. Error handling was also improved: the method getError() was added, the method load() was fixed to return false on errors, and exceptions are thrown optionally when blitz.throw_exceptions is set to 1 (0 by default).

        •  06 May 2012 19:03

          Release Notes: This is the first release with HTML output escaping. Auto-escaping is enabled with a new blitz.auto_escape constant (off by default). Basic filters support was added through {{ $var | filter }} syntax. Only "raw" and "escape" filters are supported, and only for variables. The blitz.charset constant was removed; the engine should use default PHP settings. Please note that the internal HTML extension was improved in 5.4.0 and some escaping features don't work in prior versions, such as disallowed Unicode characters.

          •  21 Mar 2012 21:48

            Release Notes: This release improves performance and fixes PHP-5.4.* compilation issues.


            Project Spotlight


            A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).


            Project Spotlight


            A server logfile statistic analysis program.