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  •  05 Jun 2010 09:22

Release Notes: This release adds a feature for whitelisting files and folders so they will not be deleted or modified. It adds Tamil and Faroese translations. Support for Thunderbird 3 as found on Ubuntu 10.04 was added. Recent documents can be deleted on GNOME 2.28 - 2.30.

  •  21 Feb 2010 10:27

Release Notes: This release cleans Thunderbird and Screenlets, vacuums more of Firefox on Windows, fixes a major bug on XP Home Edition, adds a Asturian translation, and updates 12 other translations.

Release Notes: This release cleans the Konqueror history, cache, and cookies; improves notification for Linux; cleans Paint and more from WinRAR and Adobe Reader 6 on Windows; exposes system information for reporting bugs; fixes several bugs; and updates 19 translations.

Release Notes: This release adds the Deep Scan feature to find widely-scattered junk such as Thumbs.db files, optionally automatically starts when the computer starts, introduces the second generation CleanerML cleaner markup language, wipes memory and swap on Linux, adds or improves 23 cleaning options, adds a Belarusian translation, and updates 22 translations.

Release Notes: This release vacuums Google Chrome, deletes Google Chrome 3's history, and cleans the Emesene cache. It clean Adanaxis, Gnome Art Manager, Notify OSD, PDFedit, Phatch, PlayOnLinux, system logs, Virt-manager, and X-Moto (all part of the new bonus cleaners package). It adds a portable package for Windows, updates 18 translations, fixes bugs, and expand the unit tests significantly.

Release Notes: This release adds a command line interface for automation scripts and headless operation. It quickly aborts zeroing free space when requested. It displays more summary information at the end of the log: the number of files deleted, special operations, and errors. It cleans Opera 10.0 final build. It improves the appearance of the toolbar. It enhances the unit tests and fixes bugs. It adds a Malay translation and updates 17 other translations. It support NetBSD with fewer downstream patches. It shrinks the Windows installer.

Release Notes: This release wipes previously-used inode data on Linux filesystems such as ext3 and ext4. It deletes Windows log files, fixes two bugs, and updates 16 translations.

Release Notes: This releases wipes free disk space to hide deleted files. It cleans Nautilus and gPodder and more of Yum. It fixes bugs. It adds Croatian, Korean, Ukranian, and Thai translations and updates 18 other translations.

Release Notes: This releases cleans FileZilla, aMule, Audacious, Links2, Xine, Internet Explorer Typed URL history, Windows system MRU lists, and TeamViewer. It adds a Polish translation and updates translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.


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A library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints.


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A replacement of GNU Stow written in C++.