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  •  24 Feb 2009 07:26

Release Notes: This release introduces CleanerML, a system for creating cleaners in XML. Cleaners were added for aMSN, CrossOver Chromium (Google Chrome), ELinks, emesene, GL-117, Hippo OpenSim Viewer, Midnight Commander, Recoll, Rhythmbox, Tremulous, Vuze (formerly Azureus), and WINE. Bulgarian, French, and Spanish translations were updated and a Russian translation was added.

  •  27 Jan 2009 16:48

Release Notes: The locales (also called localizations) are now cleaned. When deleting, files can be optionally shredded to hide the contents. The clipboard can be erased. A Bulgarian translation was added. The GUI was improved. A preferences dialog was added. Several bugs were fixed, including a serious bug that prevented some parts of Firefox from being cleaned.

  •  31 Dec 2008 08:41

Release Notes: Broken personal menu entries, Firefox session restore, /var/tmp/, and VIM's .viminfo are cleaned. Startup notification was enabled. The .deb and .rpm packaging were improved. Ubuntu 8.10 and Mandriva 2009 are supported.


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