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  •  11 Feb 2009 18:20

Release Notes: This release cleans the apt cache, yum cache, rotated system logs, Skype chat logs, Transmission BitTorrent client cache, Exaile music player cache, and more localizations. It fixes a bug in selecting trash for cleaning, the permissions of configuration files created when running in sudo mode, an unusual situation where the selected language could disappear, and a situation where BleachBit could fail to start. It adds French, Arabic, and Turkish translations.

  •  04 Feb 2009 16:47

Release Notes: This release cleans the cache and temporary files of Acrobat Reader, GIMP, Google Earth, Second Life Viewer, and winetricks. It cleans Firefox version 3's URL history without deleting the entire places.sqlite file (which also contains bookmarks). More localizations are cleaned. The Firefox databases (which becomes fragmented) are vacuumed. A bug that blocked cleaning of some localizations for some using Ubuntu 8.04 was fixed. A bug that prevented starting BleachBit when the language was not set was fixed. A bug that prevented cleaning of the clipboard was fixed.

  •  24 Dec 2008 21:56

Release Notes: This release fixes a serious bug in finding files (it found too few files in certain situations). It cleans up cookies for RealPlayer by RealNetworks. It cleans the Mozilla Firefox offline cache. It cleans the Opera browser's opcache directory.


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