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  •  02 Jan 2011 09:10

Release Notes: This release cleans many more traces of Internet usage in Google Chrome and Chromium (even data the browsers themselves cannot clean). It also cleans more of Opera and Firefox. Translations were updated.

  •  12 Dec 2010 08:43

Release Notes: This release wipes free disk space significantly faster. To maximize privacy, it changes the order of operations: general cleaning, deep scan, RAM and swap, and free disk space. It cleans much more of Opera, adds menu options for shredding folders and wiping free disk space, fixes an important bug, adds a Lithuanian translation, and updates 18 other translations.

  •  16 Nov 2010 04:13

Release Notes: This release more securely shreds files and free disk space. It better vacuums Google Chrome 7, installs the bonus pack on Ubuntu Maverick, and cleans XFCE and the Battle for Wesnoth.

  •  05 Oct 2010 15:29

Release Notes: This release cleans HTML5 cookies in Firefox 3, Google Chrome, and Opera. It cleans evercookie tracking, VLC, and more localizations. It supports Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat, adds Traditional Chinese, and updates 24 other translations.

Release Notes: This release cleans the Konqueror history, cache, and cookies; improves notification for Linux; cleans Paint and more from WinRAR and Adobe Reader 6 on Windows; exposes system information for reporting bugs; fixes several bugs; and updates 19 translations.

Release Notes: A deep scan feature was added to find widely-scattered junk files. The second generation of CleanerML was introduced with regular expression support, file truncation, and more flexible file matching. RAM and swap are now wiped. An option to start BleachBit with a computer was added. The program now deletes Adobe Flash asset cache, KDE, Adobe Reader, Google Earth, IcedTea cache, Gwenview, sqlite3 command history, MySQL CLI command history, Midnight Comamnder usage history, Metacity sessions, and more of Google Chromium, X11, and Google Chrome. Many translations were updated.

Release Notes: This release vacuums Google Chrome, deletes Google Chrome 3's history, and cleans the Emesene cache. It clean Adanaxis, Gnome Art Manager, Notify OSD, PDFedit, Phatch, PlayOnLinux, system logs, Virt-manager, and X-Moto (all part of the new bonus cleaners package). It adds a portable package for Windows, updates 18 translations, fixes bugs, and expand the unit tests significantly.

Release Notes: This release wipes previously-used inode data on Linux filesystems such as ext3 and ext4. It deletes Windows log files, fixes two bugs, and updates 16 translations.

Release Notes: This releases wipes free disk space to hide deleted files. It cleans Nautilus and gPodder and more of Yum. It fixes bugs. It adds Croatian, Korean, Ukranian, and Thai translations and updates 18 other translations.

Release Notes: This release automatically hides irrelevant cleaners. It cleans SeaMonkey; Adobe Reader MRU's; Opera download history, URL history, and current session; X Window System session errors; Google Toolbar; Microsoft Office MRU's; WinRAR MRU's; and more Windows MRU's. It fixes a bug that deleted extensions. It adds translations for Hindi, Norwegian Bokmal, and Simplified Chinese, and it updates translations for 12 other languages.


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