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02 Jan 2006 01:39 jameshales

Blackbox is good
Blackbox is great. Simple, fast, easy on the RAM, fairly good-looking and my favourite Alt+ window moving/resizing functionality.

17 Oct 2003 19:30 js290

Re: cant run Blackbox on my RedHat 7.3
The easiest way to get blackbox running is to add it to your ~/.xinitrc file. Delete or comment out all the lines that start twm. Then simply add /usr/local/bin/blackbox (assuming the executable is in /usr/local/bin). You'll want to create a ~/.blackbox directory. Copy the sample menu file from the source distribution into the ~/.blackbox directory. Startx should fire up blackbox.

29 Mar 2003 16:09 ripnix

cant run Blackbox on my RedHat 7.3
i have downloaded the blackbox-0.65.0.tar.gz arhive from ...
then i dearhivated in my root directory ...
cd blackbox-0.65.0
make install

and now what?
i read something like this:
Configuring your display manager to accept Blackbox. If you have kde installed and you logged in using a gui, then most probably you are using kdm/ xdm. In that case, edit /usr/sbin/fndsession. Add an entry for blackbox like this:
[ -x /usr/local/bin/blackbox ]
&& {
if [ "$FIRST" = "yes" ];then
Then, edit this file /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession.
Add an entry for blackbox like this:
exec startkde
exec gnome-session
kfm &
kpanel &
xterm -ls &
exec /usr/local/bin/blackbox

but i cant find this file /usr/sbin/fndsession so i have created it ... the blackbox is not here ... /usr/local/bin/blackbox maybe in /usr/local/share/blackbox ... duno :>
and after i restart the X ... i try to lauche the blackbox from /root/blackbox-0.65.0/src/blackbox :>
duno if its right or not ... but its not working :>
i realy need help ... pls some one explayn me HOWTO

23 May 2002 02:46 ilivanov

Re: blackbox
maybe is good, but on some "LFS" systems, also and on Debian 3.0 'woody' wont to work, Fluxbox that is based on Blackbox, works pretty good.

> listen people.
> linux isn't a playground. It may
> become that in the future, but right now
> linux is a operating system for those
> who want a working os. It doesn't crash.
> It is fast. It is functional. It isn't
> pritty. This is blackbox. However
> blackbox DOES have a nice look. It is
> very simple. It i small, fast, easier
> than anything else I have seen to
> configure. It is for someone who want to
> get stuff done!
> If you are looking for a start
> button... pritty icons... or other
> rather silly, kernel consuming, poorly
> coded workability. Get another Window
> Manager. Blackbox isn't for you. For you
> who want to get things done fast... GET
> IT!
> It is a revolutionary WM that gets
> back to the linux basics.
> I highly applaud Brad Hughes for this
> remarkable peice of work..
> excuse the rant.
> {PimpSmurf}

02 Nov 2001 15:51 lunixfan

Since Brad moved off to Norway and handed off to the co-author Jeff Raven in the middle of 2000, has anything been done with blackbox? It would be a shame for such a sweet window manager to just fade out. And before some one suggests I pick it up, let me just say I cant code my way out of a wet paper bag.

09 Dec 2000 01:42 bruceforsberg

Blackbox is great
Just got done downloading Blackbox and in less than 10 minutes got it compiled, installed and running. Now with my 64MB laptop I can finally get rid of bloated KDE and breath some life back into my laptop. Half of available memory should not be used for a window manager! From one open source C++ developer ( to another, keep up the great work.

17 Jun 2000 07:54 cryptnotic

Dude, you can change the focus model. Just read the README file that comes with
blackbox and it will tell you how to do it.

27 Oct 1999 21:15 karina

Very cool...... but the ClickToFocus is annoying
Been using blackbox since April 99, It's an excellent windowmanager, in my opinion maybe the best, but one little thing annoys me, I keep praying the ClickToFocus method will be changed so I don't have to keep holding Alt or clicking the window frame to focus, just want to be able to click anywhere in a window and have it focused. Playing with Windowmaker now because BB's focus method became so annoying. Let's hope it's modified, I know it's a sore point for many of us.

27 Feb 1999 23:34 hr4

fast, attractive, easily configured
all of the above :-)

seriously though, i run blackbox on my 486 DX/33 which has like 500k of video memory, and it still flies.. also run it on my P100. with the P100 being the fastest computer i have at the moment, and just after being a WM convert, this is a huge change. I was surprised at how small it was, yet the level of configurability is quite large. i like the gradient [as opposed to pixmap'd] interface, as this saves a shitload of cpu/mem. look forward to the future of blackbox :-)


18 Feb 1999 02:16 wcx

Blackbox 0.50.3 RPM/SRPM for LinuxPPC Release 4
You can get a PowerPC RPM or SRPM of Blackbox 0.50.3 at:


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