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Blackbox is yet another addition to the list of window managers for X. It is written in C++, sharing no common code with any other window manager (even though the graphics implementation is similar to that of WindowMaker). It features small code size, a fast interface with simple menus, multiple workspaces, decorated windows, built-in graphics code to render solids, gradients, and bevels on the fly, and more.


Recent releases

  •  03 Nov 2005 11:34

    Release Notes: Compilation on OpenBSD and Mac OS X was fixed, documentation updates were made, and the FDO basedir was implemented. Window-to-window and window-to-center snap was added along with config options for additional mouse wheel operations. Pipe menus were implemented. Placement of dialog and desktop type windows was improved. Users can now override the rootCommand styles. Better default colors are now used when no style is given. Shaded+maximized windows no longer disappear after restarting. Window menus can now be accessed with Mod4+right mouse. Full-screen now ignores aspect ratios. Many bugfixes were made.

    •  10 Mar 2005 11:56

      Release Notes: This version implemented version 1.3 of the EWMH standard, and overhauled style syntax, advanced features, and control. bbkeys 0.9.0 is recommended for EWMH compliant keyboard shortcut support.

      •  20 Sep 2002 00:28

        Release Notes: This release adds better ICCCM support, Java window handling, bugfixes, and more.

        •  30 Aug 2002 20:09

          Release Notes: This release adds Taiwan Chinese (zh_TW), Hungarian (hu_HU), Korean (ko_KR), Norwegian (no_NO), Polish (pl_PL), Romanian (ro_RO), and Ukrainian (uk_UA) locale support. There are numerous speedups, improved ICCCM support, better Java application support, and lots more.

          •  10 Aug 2002 13:08

            Release Notes: Japanese nls has been updated. When CascadePlacement is selected, the options for directions are now disabled because CascadePlacement is always LeftRight, TopBottom. The workspace change code has been streamlined; it should be slightly more efficient now. The window menu is now created at the end of the Window constructor, thereby ensuring that all of the data the menu needs is available; this fixes the broken window names in the menus. Shape information is now dealt with later in the constructor as well, for similar reasons.

            Recent comments

            02 Jan 2006 01:39 jameshales

            Blackbox is good
            Blackbox is great. Simple, fast, easy on the RAM, fairly good-looking and my favourite Alt+ window moving/resizing functionality.

            17 Oct 2003 19:30 js290

            Re: cant run Blackbox on my RedHat 7.3
            The easiest way to get blackbox running is to add it to your ~/.xinitrc file. Delete or comment out all the lines that start twm. Then simply add /usr/local/bin/blackbox (assuming the executable is in /usr/local/bin). You'll want to create a ~/.blackbox directory. Copy the sample menu file from the source distribution into the ~/.blackbox directory. Startx should fire up blackbox.

            29 Mar 2003 16:09 ripnix

            cant run Blackbox on my RedHat 7.3
            i have downloaded the blackbox-0.65.0.tar.gz arhive from ...
            then i dearhivated in my root directory ...
            cd blackbox-0.65.0
            make install

            and now what?
            i read something like this:
            Configuring your display manager to accept Blackbox. If you have kde installed and you logged in using a gui, then most probably you are using kdm/ xdm. In that case, edit /usr/sbin/fndsession. Add an entry for blackbox like this:
            [ -x /usr/local/bin/blackbox ]
            && {
            if [ "$FIRST" = "yes" ];then
            Then, edit this file /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession.
            Add an entry for blackbox like this:
            exec startkde
            exec gnome-session
            kfm &
            kpanel &
            xterm -ls &
            exec /usr/local/bin/blackbox

            but i cant find this file /usr/sbin/fndsession so i have created it ... the blackbox is not here ... /usr/local/bin/blackbox maybe in /usr/local/share/blackbox ... duno :>
            and after i restart the X ... i try to lauche the blackbox from /root/blackbox-0.65.0/src/blackbox :>
            duno if its right or not ... but its not working :>
            i realy need help ... pls some one explayn me HOWTO

            23 May 2002 02:46 ilivanov

            Re: blackbox
            maybe is good, but on some "LFS" systems, also and on Debian 3.0 'woody' wont to work, Fluxbox that is based on Blackbox, works pretty good.

            > listen people.
            > linux isn't a playground. It may
            > become that in the future, but right now
            > linux is a operating system for those
            > who want a working os. It doesn't crash.
            > It is fast. It is functional. It isn't
            > pritty. This is blackbox. However
            > blackbox DOES have a nice look. It is
            > very simple. It i small, fast, easier
            > than anything else I have seen to
            > configure. It is for someone who want to
            > get stuff done!
            > If you are looking for a start
            > button... pritty icons... or other
            > rather silly, kernel consuming, poorly
            > coded workability. Get another Window
            > Manager. Blackbox isn't for you. For you
            > who want to get things done fast... GET
            > IT!
            > It is a revolutionary WM that gets
            > back to the linux basics.
            > I highly applaud Brad Hughes for this
            > remarkable peice of work..
            > excuse the rant.
            > {PimpSmurf}

            02 Nov 2001 15:51 lunixfan

            Since Brad moved off to Norway and handed off to the co-author Jeff Raven in the middle of 2000, has anything been done with blackbox? It would be a shame for such a sweet window manager to just fade out. And before some one suggests I pick it up, let me just say I cant code my way out of a wet paper bag.


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