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BixData is a cluster management tool that includes monitoring and system administration features. It monitors services (HTTP, ping, POP3, SMTP), performance, and processes. It has a management console for VMWare and Xen that supports multiple virtual machine hosts and guests. It can create critical notifications and send email alerts for any system event (HTTP, ping, CPU, memory, SMART diagnostics, VM stats). A graphical desktop supports real-time dynamic graphs. The runtime agents and server components are lightweight and easy to set up and run.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Apr 2009 15:42

    Release Notes: Support for VMWare Server 2.0. Support for 64-bit platforms running in 32 bit mode. This release runs on Windows Vista. There are some bugfixes.

    •  10 Jan 2007 16:19

      Release Notes: This release adds MySQL database monitoring. It also supports adding your own custom scripts for monitoring and creating new reporting templates. There are minor desktop UI improvements. Important fixes and enhancements are included to improve stability in Agent and Server on Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Windows.

      •  07 Nov 2006 14:11

        Release Notes: Support for monitoring and managing VMWare and Xen was added. Monitoring and data collection of VM statistics. The graphical management console supports up to 200 VMWare or Xen hosts and up to 1000 guests. A new feature to generate HTML reports and to schedule reports was included. New Smart Tags automatically label machines based on OS, VM type, or any custom identifier. BixDesktop offers more space and font customization. Fixes were made for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

        •  05 Oct 2006 14:20

          Release Notes: Virtualization support was added for both VMWare and Xen. A graphical management console allows you to control VMWare or Xen virtual machine hosts and guests all in one application. The user interface was improved for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. A new HTML reporting system was added with user customizable XML templates. New Smart Tags allow you to organize servers based on any system values.

          •  05 Aug 2006 10:39

            Release Notes: BixData SDK for C++ is now available. You can now write plugins for data sources, performance, and software and hardware monitoring. The SDK allows you to publish schemas for storage in the Operational Data store and SQL servers. The SDK compiles for FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X, and Windows.

            Recent comments

            30 Jan 2007 18:54 kobus

            Monitoring MySQL, SNMP and Custom Services
            With BixData you can monitor your servers as well as VMware and Xen. BixData includes pre-built plugins for things like CPU, Memory, Disk, etc. but any good monitoring tool needs to be customizable. BixData includes the basic ability to run scripts and record their exit values, similar to Nagios Plugins. BixData 2.7 adds support for importing data in more complex formats. This allows you to monitor almost anything. I'll go through the steps showing you how to monitor MySQL locally where an agent is installed and then the steps to monitor a device remotely through SNMP. The advantage of BixData is that any data available through a BixAgent works with the standard tools such as the situation room, scoreboards, notifications and the reporting system. All data are stored in standard SQL tables and are easily accessible.

            Custom Monitoring MySQL and SNMP with BixData (

            01 Nov 2006 12:59 kobus

            VMWare and Xen HowTo
            Someone posted a complete howto article on howtoforge to get up and running for VMWare and Xen.

            Its pretty complete and includes instructions for Linux distros Fedora and Ubuntu.

            Manage VMWare and Xen with BixData (



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