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Bioperl is set of Perl Modules for bioinformatics. It contains objects for Sequences, features on Sequences, and other important bioinformatics attributes.


Recent releases

  •  26 Sep 2009 23:34

    Release Notes: Many minor bugs were fixed. DBMS support was enhanced in Bio::DB::SeqFeature.

    •  26 Jan 2009 04:52

      Release Notes: This is the first core release in the 1.6 series, and the first stable release after 5 years of development releases.

      •  07 Dec 2006 07:20

        Release Notes: Many bugfixes and enhancements were made, including support for parsing the latest NCBI BLAST text format changes, PAML 3.15 support, a Taxonomy (Bio::Species) overhaul, a Bio::Map overhaul, a Bio::SearchIO speedup, the introduction of a Build.PL installation system, and fixes for some memory leaks in Bio::Tree. This version requires Perl 5.6.1 or later.

        •  14 Oct 2005 01:32

          Release Notes: This release fixes broken code in the 1.5.0 release, deals with NCBI RemoteBlast changes, adds better BLAST parsing, and respects the 1.4.0 API.

          •  29 Jan 2005 20:49

            Release Notes: This release includes several new modules and some code cleanup since the 1.4.0 branch. It is the initial code that will lead to the 1.6 stable branch release.


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