Version 2.11.22 of Big Faceless PDF Viewer

Release Notes: This release adds an OpenType layout engine (slower than the default one, so it's disabled by default, but it can be enabled to support Indic languages such as Hindi, Bengali, etc., or to use special features of the font like swash capitals). It replaces ImageIO-based JPEG and JPEG2000 decode with a new implementation, drastically reducing the memory footprint when displaying PDFs containing very large JPEG images and allowing reading to be interrupted (for example, by scrolling the page containing the image out of view in the viewer).

Other releases

  •  07 Mar 2014 03:32

    Release Notes: This release adds a facility to load the KeyStore from a jar. In the viewer, if when calling Importer.setFile() the file is not absolute, the Save dialog will default to the last directory used by the user. This is useful for saving files loaded from streams or URLs.

    •  15 Dec 2013 23:04

    Release Notes: No change, but the release has been renumbered to 2.15 because the behavior of the PDF page list is, technically, an API change.

    •  13 Dec 2013 03:33

    Release Notes: Will prompt if a password is required when loading a PDF over HTTP. Adds a cut/paste option for pages, and correctly orders pages cut/pasted this way. Fixes a failure to redraw after reordering pages in some circumstances.

    •  09 May 2013 11:36

    Release Notes: A Java 1.5 incompatible change in a previous release was reverted. It is ensured that the action() method is always called in features, which is required by overloaders. An occasional NPE from PagePanel.doLayout when deleting annotations was fixed. The order of activated/loaded/deactived events was fixed The French translation was improved.

    •  22 Apr 2013 23:20

    Release Notes: In the viewer, this release allows ViewerWidgets to define javax.swing.Action and share that action between buttons, menus, and (potentially) other objects (this makes for easier code when the Action has complex rules for when it's enabled (e.g., it depends on the DocumentPanel permission); see the ViewerWidget API docs for details), fixes a memory leak when repeatedly opening Documents in a viewer without MultiWindow (added in the previous release), corrects the order of DocumentPanelEvents when closing Documents, and adds a dual-page view (two-up).


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