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BIE (Business Integration Engine) is an open source integration system that makes it easy for organizations to exchange data with external trading partners regardless of their native applications. It competes in the same space as applications like Microsoft BizTalk except that it is truly cross-platform since it written in Java.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2004 04:01

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix and stability release, adding message aggregation actions (combine, gather), a minor (and backwards-compatible) addition to actions API, and fixes for bugs in the scheduler and workflow editor.

    •  13 Apr 2004 21:06

      Release Notes: This release includes many new features and enhancements. The workflow engine is a more powerful BPML implementation, and now includes standard activities such as switch, assign, all, sequence, delay, and foreach. The workflow editor ("route builder") has been overhauled for better visualization and greater ease of use, with support for the new flow control features. Integration with JBoss provides new capabilities, including JMS actions and listeners. Numerous changes have also been made to performance and message handling capabilities.

      •  27 Jan 2004 16:50

        Release Notes: This is the latest beta release of the 5.7 code base. New features include an LDAP action and LDIF message formatter to assist in working with LDAP data sources. Version 5.7 also includes the ability to configure actions dynamically, allowing the runtime contents of a message to be used as configuration information. Improvements to the map builder include a trim macro, search feature, and various tree interface enhancements that will assist in the handling of large schemas.

        •  13 Nov 2003 16:30

          Release Notes: This version includes fixes for bugs that were reported in the 5.6.3 release.

          •  31 Oct 2003 16:27

            Release Notes: This release fixes minor bugs in the previous beta releases.

            Recent comments

            05 Jan 2006 08:02 whitemice

            BIE Maillist & Information
            If you want to discuss BIE please use the bie-developer mailling list on SourceForge; even though it has the word "developer" in the name it is OK to subscribe and post general or usage questions about BIE. The forums provided for BIE on the WDI website are pretty much useless, not to mention really cumbersome. So use the mailling list. WDI doesn't have much to do with the BIE project anymore.

            Since documentation on using BIE is a bit lacking I've constructed some bits of my own as well as some links relating to BIE at -

            We use this product in production and once you get around the learning curve it really does provide a solid platform for performing "business integration".

            23 Jul 2003 16:01 TGC

            BIE Gets The Job Done
            I've been using BIE in production now for about three weeks. Previously I had used BizTalk to do the same jobs...basically dealing with inventory and purchasing requests between my warehouse, distributors, printers and publishers. It seems to be just as speedy as BizTalk ever was, and uses up less resources on the server. I was running BizTalk on Windows 2000. Now I'm running BIE on the same box and barely notice a load.

            The map builder, though similar is much easier to use than the one from BizTalk. About the only thing I miss is that BizTalk had a better transaction viewer. But when you compare the price of BIE (free) to BizTalk ($55,000). I'm glad I found BIE. I was nearing the end of my BizTalk trial period and BIE saved me a ton of Cash, even after I purchased support for BIE (for $5000).

            To anyone looking at BizTalk like I was, I whole heartedly recommend giving BIE a look.


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