Version 1.3.11 of bidwatcher

Release Notes: Broken bidding that was due to eBay site changes was fixed. Many of the feedback messages that explain what happened to your bid were fixed. An uppercase password bug was fixed. Basic proxy authentication was added. Specific eBay country support was added.

Other releases

  •  11 Nov 2005 22:48

Release Notes: The eBay parser was fixed and libcurl support was added. Many little fixes were made and a potential security bug was fixed. The Seller ID was added to the Log. The program should now compile on cygwin and be more compatible with BSD.

  •  31 Aug 2004 07:15

Release Notes: Parsing of eBay pages was fixed. A parsing error which led to a segmentation fault was fixed. Snipe key handling was improved. Proxy handling was improved. A new feature to "snipe groups" was added.

  •  23 Apr 2004 13:56

Release Notes: Time synchronization was fixed and made more fault tolerant.

  •  20 Apr 2004 17:08

Release Notes: Support for the longer eBay auction numbers was added along with configurable fonts and minor bugfixes.

  •  01 Mar 2004 12:48

Release Notes: Bidding and sniping functions were fixed.


Project Spotlight


A point of sales system for untamed managers.


Project Spotlight


A live Linux CD graphical Arch installer.