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12 Nov 2005 07:14 JohnThompson

Why did this appear 11-Nov-2005 as an update?
The code is still from February, and still doesn't work.

Nor is CVS any newer. :-(

07 Aug 2005 04:41 bani

dead project
what was once a nice and useful application appears to have fallen into disrepair and neglect.

some months ago ebay changed their output and bidwatcher sniping stopped working. and now i am unable to even add new auctions as it thinks the auction numbers are invalid.

looks like the only alternative now is ebayagent.

24 Apr 2005 14:33 bcrowell

sniping doesn't work at this point
The docs emphasize that bidwatcher is not meant mainly as a sniping tool, and that using it that way is inherently unreliable. But anyway, as of 2005 Apr 24, bidwatcher 1.3.17 (which appears to be the most recent release, although presumably not as up to date as the cvs version) doesn't seem able to snipe successfully. In my .bidwatcher directory, I have a file that looks like it logged the error, but it was simply "Snipe failed: unknown reason." I guess this is just the nature of the beast -- from what I understand, ebay's API isn't available for free, and html-parsing is inherently unreliable, since ebay will change the html from time to time.

06 Mar 2005 18:03 fyodor

Tool currently broken
Bidwatcher is an excellent tool when it works, but they have not made an updated release since eBay changed their web page and broke Bidwatcher's bidder more than 3 months ago. The latest CVS version may (or may not) fix the problem. The CVS head didn't compile for me, but I didn't spend much time messing with it.

If you haven't used bidwatcher in a few days or more, always test a real-time bid before relying on the snipe function for anything important. Because if a snipe fails (due to eBay changing their html submission process), you probably won't have enough time to bid manually.

31 Aug 2004 05:37 kevindication

Re: broken?
We can't use the API. eBay charges for usage of the API.

Anyway, new version finally released to fix the problems.

> maybe the format of their page changes,

> but their API shouldn't be changing. I'd

> assume you're using the API and not

> parsing out web pages.

18 Aug 2004 21:28 handspike

maybe the format of their page changes, but their API shouldn't be changing. I'd assume you're using the API and not parsing out web pages.

13 May 2004 13:31 thomp

Very cool...1.3.15
Nice job - no problems compiling the program and it is extremely easy to use.

01 Jan 2002 17:27 bushing

Try the CVS version
As eBay's page format changes with some regularity, you should try the version in CVS at sourceforge if you experience problems.

If that doesn't help, please file a complete bug report in the bug tracker on sourceforge.

30 Dec 2001 14:43 jspectre

doesn't seem to work for me. every auction number i
put in it says is invalid. could ebay have changed
their pages?

06 Jun 2001 01:07 siegler2

Sniper works well
It snipes very well. Set at 5 seconds remaining over a modem line it has worked flawlessly.

However, there are bugs in adding auctions and it seems to choke under less-than-optimal conditions.


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