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BibORB is a Web-based tool for managing bibliographies. It allows the sharing of bibliographies and provides an interface for editing references. It also eases the management of electronic versions (.ps, .pdf, etc.) of papers associated with your references. Classification is possible using groups, and search functions are included. BibTeX bibliographies can be imported, and selected references can be exported to BibTeX, Ris, and DocBook format.

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  •  15 May 2005 04:19

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs.

Release Notes: This version brings support for user preferences, the ability to export bibliographies in RIS, DocBook, or HTML, the ability to sort displayed references, and "shelf mode". Bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release fixes vulnerabilities in SQL authentication and arbitrary execution of malicious scripts.

  •  26 Oct 2004 14:34

Release Notes: This release has Internationalization support, (English, French, and German), better BibTeX import and user privileges management, advanced search using XPath queries, several new functions (generate a .tar.gz and get a .bib file from an .aux latex file), and several bugfixes.

  •  28 Jun 2004 02:52

Release Notes: Added functions to change the BibTeX type of an entry, change the BibTeX key, delete all entries recorded in the basket from the current bibliography, and display existing groups when creating or editing an entry.


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A multi-protocol, multi-source, cross-platform download utility.


Project Spotlight


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