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Bibkeeper is a Java graphical interface for working with BibTeX (.bib) databases. The intention is to provide a user-friendly tool for accessing and editing your bibliographical databases.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Oct 2003 21:12

    Release Notes: The most important addition is the useful Groups feature, which enables the database to be organized into overlapping groups. The user can view and make searches inside of individual groups, or intersections/unions of groups. Entries are now formatted and sorted according to the current sort criteria when the base is saved. Several bugs have been fixed.

    •  02 Sep 2003 23:37

      Release Notes: This release changes the output from the Merge operation to include a count of the entries and strings added, adds autocompletion of selected fields in the field editor, and reorganizes the menus. Save errors caused by an error in the entry are now accompanied by a highlighting of the entry that caused the error. User can now undo/redo operations of any kind. No limit to the number of undo operations is specified.

      •  07 Aug 2003 01:13

        Release Notes: A "Bibtex source" panel was added to the entry editor. Preferences flags were added for enabling editing entried using the source panel and showing the source panel by default. Copied entries are now pasted as BibTeX source where appropriate. A bug that made line numbers in parser error messages deviate from the correct value was also fixed.

        •  23 Jul 2003 02:39

          Release Notes: The bibtex parsing algorithm was improved to eliminate unreasonably slow loading of large .bib files. Unrecognized fields inside entries are remembered and saved along with the known fields.

          •  08 Jul 2003 00:51

            Release Notes: Simple search functionality is now available. @preamble and @strings are editable in the program. Some bugs that caused problems when loading some .bib files have been fixed. Autogeneration of bibtex keys and checking for key uniqueness have been added. Online help and the possibility to import the contents of another .bib file into a currently open database were also added, along with a red color code to indicate incomplete entries. Keyboard shortcuts were changed/added to adhere to standard shortcut keys. A new 'keywords' field was added to 'General fields'.


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