Version 1.1 of bibEC Process Card

Release Notes: Major changes to the post function to support gateways that support GET. Now the class will work in these 3 cases: PHP version 4.3 or higher with OpenSSL installed, the curl extension module for PHP, or the curl program.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release adds VirtualMerchant and has been adapted to the new ssl_cvv2cvc2_indicator standards.

  •  13 Jun 2007 11:11

Release Notes: This release changes a few default settings for ViaKlix and fixes a problem with the expiration date.

  •  12 Feb 2006 09:04

Release Notes: This release adds more functionality for viaklix and improves the set_error function to include the gateway error.

  •  25 Jan 2006 13:01

Release Notes: This release adds skipjack as a new gateway, tested and finished.

  •  09 Nov 2005 14:21

Release Notes: A minor problem with paynet and plug'n'pay has been fixed.


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