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13 Mar 2006 12:43 mwieser

Important note regarding Bibble 4.6 crash:
Important note regarding Bibble 4.6:

The NoiseNinja shared library didn't make it into the

package and needs to be seperatly downloaded and

installed. Otherwise bibble crashes when you activate noise


Please download:

And copy it with execute to:






26 Oct 2005 12:20 mwieser

Re: Bibble 4.4 and saving files
There are updated packages available:

18 Oct 2005 02:35 mwieser

Bibble 4.4 and saving files
Bibble 4.4.0 has a problem with saving images when EXIF

infos are included. In this case Bibble "hangs" at 88%.

Work around: "In the interim, if you disable the export of

Exif/Iptc in the preferencs you should be able to save



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