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bib2xhtml is a program that converts BibTeX files into HTML (specifically, XHTML 1.0). The conversion is mostly done by specialized BibTeX style files, derived from a converted bibliography style template. This ensures that the original BibTeX styles are faithfully reproduced. Some post-processing is performed by Perl code. This is an update of the bib2html program written by David Hull in 1996 and maintained by him until 1998.

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Recent releases

  •  19 Feb 2012 09:09

    Release Notes: This version provides a new -R option that allows you to number entries from bottom to top, adds a -B option that allows you to specify the name or path of the BibTeX executable, creates valid XHTML blockquote elements when producing abstracts, and removes an obsolete (and soon to be deprecated) dependency on

    •  12 Dec 2010 19:09

      Release Notes: This version adds an option to highlight a specified author name, improves chronological ordering, adds support for \href appearing in bibliography entries, and fixes a few bugs. In addition, in response to an increased number of invocation options, the project's home page now supports the interactive display of formatting examples.

      •  04 Feb 2010 14:41

        Release Notes: A new "paragraph" option allows the program to create plain HTML paragraphs, without any bullets or numbering.

        •  08 Jul 2009 11:05

          Release Notes: Changes were made to make the generated documents pass XHTML validators. Specifically, this version drops the deprecated compact dl attribute and escapes XML-special characters appearing in URLs and DOIs. In addition, the program will operate better when the PDF::API2 module is not available and will correctly handle cross references containing tildes.

          •  14 Jun 2007 17:45

            Release Notes: This version adds an option for specifying how extended file information is displayed. This can be used for including PDF file icons or providing more descriptive names. In addition, it provides support for counting and listing the number of pages in PDF documents, and documents a previously undocumented option for specifying the file path to URL mappings.

            Recent comments

            12 Dec 2010 19:12 diomidis

            Fixed in version 2.35.

            03 Oct 2008 03:09 RiteshSood

            Hi all,

            Here's how I'm invoking bib2xhtml.

            bib2xhtml -s alpha -m IEEEabrv -u -c -r -i -d journal -e "${info_str}" ritesh_pubs.bib publications/pub_list.html

            The file pub_list.html contains inline citations, and the option "-m IEEEabrv" is to include the BibTeX macro file IEEEabrv.bib.

            Problem is that bib2xhtml doesn't seem to handle the macro file properly. I would get errors of the sort "ieee_j_mm not defined"; and the abbreviation is very much defined in IEEEabrv.bib. So I traced that to line 874 of bib2xhtml:
            Instead of
            push(@citations, "\\bibdata{$bibfile}");
            It should be
            push(@citations, "\\bibdata{$macrofile$bibfile}");

            Also, note that while the .bib extension is explicit in the bibfile, if you give the macro file with a .bib extension, you will get an error. So we have some sort of an inconsistency here. Since the .bib extension in bibfile seems unavoidable (this is how we differentiate b/w a .bib and a .aux file) it would be better to insist that the macro file have the .bib extension also.

            Thanks a lot to the author for the wonderful program :)


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