Comments for Boten GNU/Linux

16 Apr 2003 04:18 tcmardoc

Beta version problems...
Beta version bugs:
some problems may occur when installing in a UMSDOS partition from CD, the linux.bat file that should be created in C:\Penaut won't exist
and it does not matter if you created this directory earlier...

the only way to run the linux after installing as UMSDOS partition from CD is to create your own batch script to load the initial filesystem/kernel from the right hdx.

here is a small example for those who installed in hda1:

--Begin batch script--
linld image=vmlinuz vga=normal "cl=root=/dev/hda1 ro"
--End of batch script--

some fonts problem may also occur during the install procedure due to a third party bug that is related to the consolechars package.
after installing the filesystem it loads the "kudzu" package to configure some of the hardware settings, and then it should return to the Hebrew written configuration menu, in most cases the hebrew will then be corrupted, to work around this issue choose the "CDROM" setting to configure the symbolic link to a cdrom drive, it will then refresh the script and load the consolechars framebuffer definition again.


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