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bftpd is a very configurable Linux FTP server which can do chroot without special configuration or directory preparation. It will work out-of-the-box with almost no configuration required, and works on all Unix variants tested. Most FTP commands are supported, and user authentication is done via passwd/shadow or PAM. tar/gzip on-the-fly is supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2012 01:34

    Release Notes: This release corrects a number of bugs with the Makefile and configuration parsing. The Makefile now respects the --prefix setting and is able to install Bftpd to uncommon locations, such as parts of the filesystem without /etc, /usr, or sbin directories. Configuration parsing is now more tolerant of unexpected spaces and end-of-line comments, and should load faster than before.

    •  28 Jul 2011 17:12

      Release Notes: This version includes a fix for dealing with named pipes. Previously performing a directory listing on a directory that included a named pipe would cause Bftpd's connect to stall. This release provides a work-around so that directory listings complete cleanly.

      •  10 Jul 2011 23:54

        Release Notes: This release fixes a potential bug in the way Bftpd binds to a socket.

        •  06 Mar 2011 17:03

          Release Notes: This release adds a new value to the SHOW_HIDDEN_FILES variable. Hidden files can now be shown to the client always, upon request, or never.

          •  23 Sep 2010 11:31

            Release Notes: A configuration default which could allow anonymous users to have more access to the server than intended was fixed. By default, Bftpd now blocks anonymous logins, so any access must be turned on by the admin.

            Recent comments

            30 May 2004 23:39 slicer

            bFTPD Updates
            I have done a little more tweaking to the bFTPd program.

            Tried to get rid of stale connections, avoid some control timeouts and added the ability to limit the number of connections from one IP address.

            If anyone is interested in getting a copy of these changes,

            please e-mail me at slicer69 at hotmail dot com

            20 May 2004 15:15 slicer

            Great Program
            This is a great program. It's small, it's fast and very easy to configure for your system.

            I have editted some of the code to allow the commands

            mget/mput. If anyone would like a copy of the modified code, please e-mail me at slicer69 at hotmail dot com with the subject line "bFTPd".

            My hat off to the author for such a great FTP server.


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