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Big Faceless Report Generator

The Big Faceless Report Generator is a Java application for converting source documents written in XML to PDF. Built on top of the Big Faceless PDF & Graph Libraries, the Report Generator combines these features and wraps an XML parser around them. Using JSP, ASP, XSL, or similar, creating dynamic PDF documents directly from a database is now as easy as HTML.


Recent releases

  •  03 May 2012 00:26

    Release Notes: An "aes256" option was added as an encryption algorithm (requires Acrobat X). A "font-feature-settings" attribute was added for turning OpenType font settings on or off. A "quantize" option was added for when importing images, to downsample 24- or 32-bit images to 8-bit on the fly.

    •  14 Feb 2012 04:32

      Release Notes: An option to flatten all annotations on a PDF included via the background-pdf tag was added. This release is built with PDF library 2.11.21 and Graph Library 1.1.6.

      •  28 Oct 2011 05:16

        Release Notes: This release adds as an optional outer tag, to combine multiple smaller PDFs into one. It adds Xinclude support, to include XML from external sources into the source. Graphs from version 2 of the Graph Library can now be embedded directly into the Report Generator using the Graph tag library syntax. The Graph Library must still be licensed separately. This release adds "pre-line" as a valid value for the "whitespace" attribute. It adds the ability to embed flash objects via an tag, exactly as for HTML.
        •  29 Jun 2011 02:07

          Release Notes: No changes were made other than a rebuild with a newer version of the PDF Library, which fixes more bugs regarding barcodes. Users of this release that wish to insert an FNC1 character into a barcode must do so with the U+EFC1; character, e.g. . This is built with PDF library 2.11.17 and Graph Library 1.1.6.

          •  30 Mar 2011 00:18

            Release Notes: A long-standing issue where a blank page was sometimes added to the end of the document was fixed. Aztec-code was added to the barcode tag. This version is built with PDF library 2.11.15 and Graph Library 1.1.6.


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