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BetterAWStats is an Web server log analysis tool that provides better statistics from the data provided by AWStats. It is not a replacement for AWStats. The most significant features are rolling months and days and support for new types of charts (maps etc.). The overall goal is to make the data more accessible for the user.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2008 08:59

    Release Notes: Memory load for HOSTS, a new design, and code for table creation. Missing TLDs were added to the world map. The config editor is now password protected, and new config options were provided to prevent oversized charts. The favicon is displayed for referring sites. Many issues were fixed in the code.

    •  19 Feb 2008 10:16

      Release Notes: This release added a countries map to Visitors Domains data, a new config option to exclude empty data from averages, XHTML STRICT validation, HTML charts for browsers and OS (including versions), an 'Average' option for all HTML charts, 'Others' in HTML charts, German and Dutch language files, files/paths statistics, screen size visuals for screen size stats, sections for config options, revamped CSS, a revamped data formatting scheme to allow custom formats, and numerous fixes in the code.

      •  22 Jun 2007 06:29

        Release Notes: Last month daily data was fixed for the case where current has no hits. The menu sorting was fixed for vertical layout. A different format for external links is used now. Unknown browsers and OS are now interlinked with respective tables. Slashes in OS icons were fixed. All functions and globals were renamed to baw_* to make sure they work when betterawstats is included into other projects. Highlighting of current month/day was fixed. Var fixes were applied. A configuration option for inclusion in other projects was added. Datelist-creation was improved.

        •  10 May 2007 07:18

          Release Notes: Unknown browsers and unknown OS statistics are supported. An additional horizontal layout was added. The site appearance was improved. The maximum value for charts can be now set through the configuration file. The "Unknown" OS icon, number formats for stats report, and date-fields for Sum, Avg, and "Others" were fixed. For security, direct calling of backend files is now prevented.

          •  03 May 2007 12:49

            Release Notes: New features in this release are a 'hide empty data' config feature, 'All (Daily)' data, improved browser processing, log parsing statistics, browser versions, and OS versions, and a row count for "Others". An error in parsing for the latest AWstats build was fixed. Non-existent file type icons were fixed along with a problem with icons for https://. Column spanning for "Others", login date formats, and the visit duration data table were also fixed.

            Recent comments

            03 Mar 2007 17:03 tokyoahead

            Sorry my english - Not the data reading time was increased, the data reading speed was increased of course... so its 60 times faster in other words.


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