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A BestCrypt volume is accessible as a regular filesystem on a correspondent mount point. The data stored on a BestCrypt volume is stored in the container file. A container is a regular file or block device, so it is possible to backup, move, or copy it to other disk (CD-ROM or network, for instance) and continue to access encrypted data using BestCrypt. BestCrypt supports the following encryption algorithms: GOST in Cipher Feedback mode and BLOWFISH, DES, TWOFISH in Cipher Block Chaining mode. A container can be formatted for any filesystem supported by Linux (MINIX, EXT, EXT2, FAT, FAT32, and others) and mounted as an additional volume to any mount point.


Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2000 00:32

    Release Notes: BestCrypt now has support for 2.3.32+ kernels, disk access speedup, container on raw block device support, while user, group, and mode mount options were added.

    •  11 Oct 1999 17:54

      Release Notes: Fixed a serious bug that may cause data damage, device name changed from /dev/bc* to /dev/bcrypt*, support for fsck added, support for 2.3.x kernels added, fixed loop device (/dev/loop*) support, added proper kernel version handling added and added support for SMP kernels.

      •  13 Sep 1999 01:40

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        Recent comments

        20 Sep 2005 07:29 jeffcovey

        Re: No longer updated? and link to mailing list
        So... Why don't you update it?

        19 Sep 2005 10:40 pascaldamian

        No longer updated? and link to mailing list
        It seems the releases are no longer updated. It's now at 1.6 and it's quite stable on my 2.4 and 2.6 Debian, have only crashed my system once. And it was because I did a swapoff on an active raw link BestCrypt device.

        Anyway, if you want to discuss BestCrypt, you can use this mailing list:

        Thank you for your attention.

        10 Jan 2001 03:05 blades

        Loopback fs encryption
        I wish distributions would ship the kernli patches in the kernel rpms. At least as an option.

        09 Jan 2001 10:14 cynabs

        Bestcrypt with redhat
        I don't have any problem compiling the tarball and the device is quite stable, I use it every day. Will the development continue to handle 2.4.x kernels ?

        07 Mar 2000 17:28 whatnot2000

        bestcrypt doesn't compile
        the rpm bestcrypt package doesn't compile under Mandrake 7.0.


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