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BeRTOS is a real time operating system (RTOS) suitable for embedded platforms. It runs on many microprocessors and microcontrollers, ranging from 8-bit to 32-bit CPUs and even PCs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Aug 2011 17:21

    Release Notes: Major changes: TCP/IP network stack; Atmel SAM3X support; an experimental IAR port for Cortex-M3; and support for the AVR XMega CPU family. Support for STM32F100RB. A priority inheritance protocol for semaphores. EMAC drivers for SAM7X and SAM3X, NAND KBlock device, seven segment display, and Himax HX8347 LCD controller. A TFTP server. A new interface for the PWM driver.

    •  08 Nov 2010 16:02

      Release Notes: This release builds upon the work done for the 2.5 series, and delivers many new drivers for internal MCU peripherals, USB support, Atmel SAM3N support, and a new API for block devices. New supported CPU: Atmel SAM3N Cortex-M3. Atmel ATmega1280 and Arduino Mega code. New module: USB support for STM32. New drivers: usb-serial, USB keyboard, and USB mouse. A new interface for block devices: KBlock. A new module: generic event completion infrastructure. A new and more flexible I2C API.

      •  06 Sep 2010 07:55

        Release Notes: This version fixes a build bug in empty and kernel presets for lm3s-based projects. All users are encouraged to upgrade their existing installations.

        •  11 Jun 2010 14:50

          Release Notes: LM3S1968 and LM3S8962 Cortex-M3, STM32F103RB, LPC2378, and AVR ATmega328P CPUs are now supported. Support for the ATmega168 was improved. A rit128x96 graphical display driver was added; Support for Arduino 2009, Atmel AT91SAM7S-EK and AT91SAM7X-EK, Develer Triface, Luminary EK-LM3S1968, and Olimex LPC-P2378 and STM32-P103 development boards was added. APRS tracker using Arduino, SD card data logger, generic I/O board, and DevelGPS GPS tracker sample programs were added. Many benchmarks were added. Context switch is now down to 2.2us and the memory footprint is as low as 2.2KB. A new hashtable module was added,

          •  10 May 2010 10:58

            Release Notes: This release fixes a minor bug in AT91SAM7 processor flash size definitions.


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