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30 May 2012 18:37 erichjensen

For those of you have been familiar with Berkeley DB over the years, it's worth mentioning that Berkeley DB now includes a SQL API in addition to the traditional k/v access methods. The SQL API is compatible with SQLite, meaning Berkeley DB can function as a drop-in replacement, usually with no code changes.

Recent versions of Berkeley DB support both iOS and Android platforms, as well as Java SE, SE Embedded, and OJEC.

11 Feb 2004 18:21 nthomas

Re: Discussion Forum

> Is there any discussion forum specific
> to BerkeleyDB?

There is a Usenet newsgroup, comp.databases.berkeley-db, that was created recently.

19 Aug 2003 01:23 eeff11

Discussion Forum
Is there any discussion forum specific to BerkeleyDB?

26 Jan 2002 17:39 tester

Re: License
The SleepyCat license is very similar to the GPL and it is free as long as its used in a Free application. You only need to purchase a license from SleepyCat if it is to be used in a proprietary application. The SleepyCat license is also 100% GPL compatible, so it can be used in GPLed software..

See ( for details

19 Oct 2000 06:25 paulgear

I don't think that "free for non-commercial use" is a very accurate description of the license in the Sleepycat Berkeley DB distribution. As far as i can tell, it is compliant with the Open Source definition (they certainly claim that it is).

26 Aug 2000 10:53 jeffcovey

Re: License
The license field has been updated.


16 Aug 2000 11:50 canavan

The BerkeleyDB isn't "freely distributable", instead, for closed source applications, one needs a license, starting at US$ 20k, up to 125k, depending on the features you need (multiuser capability or desaster recovery etc..).

11 Jun 2000 07:56 thomasm

I'm completely clueless as to how to compile source code written with this library. I tried linking to all sorts of things but nothing seems to work. There isn't enough to help in the documentation.


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