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  •  27 Sep 2007 02:22

Release Notes: The tray icon behavior was made GNOME HIG compliant. Crashes with the GStreamer error handler and resizing columns in the playlist were fixed. Equalizer use is now optional even when the GStreamer equalizer element is installed. A few patches from pkgsrc are now included in upstream.

  •  23 Sep 2007 14:25

Release Notes: support was improved (more functionality). Shoutcast support was improved. Support for NetworkManager, global hotkeys (X11-based, custom, or GNOME-based), and support for generic video playback (file playback, no DVD support, or similar) was added in addition to video podcasts. Bugfixes all around have been made, and responsiveness was improved by using asynchronous networking where possible.

  •  11 Aug 2007 17:22

Release Notes: This is a corrective release to the 0.40.0 release. A bug in which the library would not update changed files on a rescan was fixed. MB metadata reading was made fully compliant with the latest specifications. The dependency on libmp4v2 was dropped due to problems, and appropriate code was put in place instead. The preferences dialog was made GNOME HIG compliant.

  •  21 Nov 2006 13:25

Release Notes: A bug with the lastfm queue was fixed, in which the queue would get truncated after submitting the first batch of tracks if it contained more than 10 items. Various other bugfixes all around were made. Hal client code was changed to store volumes fully qualified by volume and device UDI, as it's possible to have the same volume identifier on/from a different device. Various bugfixes were made to the CD ripping code. Library performance was improved by caching the result of various operations. The i18n system was moved to glib-based i18n.

  •  29 Sep 2006 16:26

Release Notes: Fixes in the playback backend regarding prebuffering and streams were made. The album view now can resize the size without reloading, thus keeping your selection. Adding new items or removing/approving new items doesn't reload the list, so the selection is basically always kept. Various isses with GtkTreeModelFilter and the interaction with the underlying base model were fixed (access of invalid rows). A lot of minor bugs all around were fixed.

  •  25 Sep 2006 23:35

Release Notes: This version fixes potential doubled entries in the album view after editing, a database bug which could lead to incorrect track count in the GUI, a crash with the Icecast stream list when no Internet connection is available, and font size display in the popup/tooltip. Pango markup-escape was fixed for some dialogs so they don't end up being without text. The man page was updated. The playback backend now "heals" itself on errors. A progress and end time is not displayed at all in the popup's time display if the duration is not known (e.g. for HTTP streams, The Japanese translation was updated.

  •  21 Jul 2006 01:21

Release Notes: BMPx now builds against and works with neon 0.25.x and 0.26.x. The M3U container plugin, which contained various potential crash conditions, was fixed. The custom list widget's performance was improved. Saving of ALSA audio settings was fixed; they were not being saved correctly in the previous 0.20.x releases.

  •  24 Jun 2006 15:53

Release Notes: Checks in the database were added to prevent crashes when upgrading from an older datbase format. Sqlite was also integrated into the code tree itself. Bugs related to drawing using Cairo were fixed. The cover fetching mechanism and storage were changed to fetch and store covers by ASIN (Amazon Standard Index Number) rather than by artist and title, using MusicBrainz XML Web services. A bug was fixed where the application would crash if an attempt was made to load a non-existant skin file.

  •  03 May 2006 14:16

Release Notes: This is a patch release in the 0.14.x series. Bugs regarding the configuration of the audio backend (and producing possible crashes) were fixed. Code that allows the main window to be present above the playlist window was backported from the 0.20 development code. Shoutcast stream listing was partially adapted to the new Shoutcast API (full access to the Shoutcast YP is currently only available in BMPx SVN trunk HEAD / 0.20). Drag'n'Drop of files/folders from Konqueror (and potentially other file managers) to BMPx was fixed.

  •  29 Mar 2006 05:05

Release Notes: The playback history code was audited and partially rewritten, eliminating possible crash conditions. The song queue is now sent to when re-establishing it after a dropout. More safety was added to the library by preventing possible multiple instances of BMP from accessing it concurrently. Fixes were made in the main controller code (BmpSystemControl). A few memory leaks were fixed, and general bugfixing was done.


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