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beep does what you'd expect: it beeps. But unlike printf("\a"), beep allows you to control pitch, duration, and repetitions. Its job is to live inside shell/perl scripts and allow more granularity than one has otherwise. It is controlled completely through command line options. It's not supposed to be complex, and it isn't - but it makes system monitoring (or whatever else it gets hacked onto) that much more informative.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Mar 2002 20:54

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that was long overdue. It has a fix for platforms with unsigned chars, adds a default behaviour when ioctl() won't let it beep, has improvements to the man page, and is compatible with the Debian requirements for inclusion in potato.

    •  19 Mar 2002 21:17

      Release Notes: A fix for a segfault when handling long options.

      •  27 Jul 2000 15:56

        Release Notes: An RPM is now available. beep finally supports multiple beeps on a single command line (an oft-requested feature). Frequencies are now decimal, not integer. There are currently no outstanding feature requests or bugs.

        •  05 Jul 2000 15:01

          Release Notes: This release is feature complete with a few more command line options, stdin processing, and some bugfixes. The documentation now addresses permission issues. This release has no known outstanding bugs; users of previous versions should upgrade.

          •  29 Jun 2000 04:02

            Release Notes: A man page, more command line options, and the ability to pass text through (e.g., as part of a chain of pipes).


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